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Single Super Phosphate


High-Performance Single Super Phosphate Plant: A Tale of Eco-Friendly Efficiency

The Single Super Phosphate (SSP) plant, with an impressive annual production capacity of 5,36,000 MT, stands as a pinnacle of success in the fertilizer industry. Utilising high-grade Rock Phosphate sourced from Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, this plant ensures not only higher productivity but also superior conversion efficiency, making it a beacon of trouble-free processes.

Key Points

Superior Process Design

The key to the plant’s success lies in its meticulous process design. Incorporating a five-stage water scrubbing system for gas treatment, the plant effectively minimises emissions, setting a remarkable standard for environmental responsibility. Moreover, the innovative use of recycled water in the process not only conserves valuable resources but also significantly contributes to the plant’s eco-friendly initiatives.


Eco-Friendly Practices

Being an eco-friendly plant is a core value embraced by the SSP facility. By adopting sustainable practices and technologies, it sets an inspiring example for others in the industry. The emphasis on water recycling not only reduces the plant’s environmental footprint but also showcases a commitment to responsible water management.


Experienced and Dedicated Team

Behind the plant’s seamless operation stands a team of highly dedicated and experienced individuals. Their expertise and unwavering commitment contribute to the plant’s smooth functioning, ensuring consistent product quality and operational efficiency. This talented workforce serves as the backbone of the SSP plant, continuously striving for excellence.


Longest Curing Shed for Maximum Efficiency

The SSP plant boasts the distinction of having the longest curing shed in the eastern region. This impressive structure plays a pivotal role in the curing process of green SSP, allowing for optimal conditions and an extended curing period. As a result, the plant achieves the highest conversion efficiency, further solidifying its position as a top-performing facility.


Spacious Warehouses for Finished Products

Recognising the importance of storage and product management, the plant features large warehouses to accommodate the finished product. This strategic infrastructure ensures a steady supply of high-quality SSP, meeting the demands of farmers and agricultural stakeholders effectively.



The Single Super Phosphate plant has demonstrated its excellence through its remarkable production capacity and superior process design. By utilising high-grade Rock Phosphate and incorporating eco-friendly practices like water recycling, it sets an industry standard for environmental responsibility. The dedication and experience of its workforce contribute to the plant’s seamless operation, while its longest curing shed ensures the highest conversion efficiency. With spacious warehouses to store the finished product, the plant maintains a steady and reliable supply. As the plant continues to thrive, it remains a shining example of eco-friendly efficiency in the ever-evolving world of fertilizer production.



Our fertilizers are marketed under the brand name Kanchan