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Social Responsibility

Teesta Group CSR

Teesta Agro industries Ltd is committed to the goal of providing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment, with a view to continuous improvement. This goal is only achievable by adherence to established objectives. Striving to exceed all obligations under applicable legislation and by making an enthusiastic commitment to health, safety, and environment within our organization personnel, contractors„ visitors and as well as local people.

Safety, Health & Environment Policy

  1. An onsite emergency plan is formulated for our factory (Teesta Agro Industries Ltd) at Rajganj, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal to provide fast and active action in an emergency to:- Protect factory personnel inside & public of local surroundings
    – Safeguard the property and environment.
    – Bring any incident under control.
    – Preserve relevant records and equipment for the future.
    – Ensure rapid return to normal operation after an incident/emergency.
  2. Teesta Agro Management, working in co-operation with the joint Health and Safety Committee, will strive to take all reasonable steps to reduce workplace Hazards to as low as reasonably achievable.
  3. Supervisors and Managers are held accountable for the health safety of all the employees under their control. This includes responsibility for applicable training, and instruction, appropriate follow-up on reported health and safety concerns, and – implementation of recommended corrective action.
  4. Supervisors, Workers, and visitors are expected to perform their duties and responsibilities safely and healthfully. They are accountable for the health and safety of themselves and others.
  5. Teesta Agro industries are committed to providing all necessary training and instructions to ensure that appropriate work practices are followed on the job.
  6. If necessary, TAIL takes disciplinary action whenever any individual fails to work as per the healthy and safe norms or does not comply with applicable policies and procedures.
  7. Teesta Agro Industries expects that everyone joins our efforts to provide a healthy and safe working environment.
  8. Installation of Safety Equipment.

TAIL has installed many safety equipment in the plant areas:

  1. Demister Pads for drying towers in the sulphuric acid plant to remove acid mist from dry air coming out from the drying tower.
  2. Candle filters are provided after the IPAT (Inter Pass Absorption Tower) and in FAT (Final Absorption Towers) in the sulphuric acid, plant to remove acid mist in the system, and as well as in the gas gone to the chimney.
  3. Alkali Scrubber: Two-stage alkali scrubbers are installed in sulphuric acid plant to control the sulphur dioxide (So2) gas before the gas has gone to the chimney.
  4. Five stage scrubbers have been installed in the single super phosphate plant to control suspended particulate matter (SPM) and Fluorine gas coming out of the chimney.
  5. The sulphur yard is surrounded by a high RCC wall of feet and hydrant line and valves are surrounded throughout the wail and the same line is connected with a high-pressure pump for 247 hours to control any fire hazard.
  6. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and other safety equipment.
  7. Safety equipment like helmets, gas masks, hand gloves, breathing apparatus, etc. are used in the plant areas.
  8. Extensive Forestation: Trees are an important solution for reducing air pollution and improving air quality, because of that TAIL has gone through an extensive plantation every year and about 40% of our plant area is covered with green trees that control air pollution.
  9. Regular health check-up for officers/staff is being done in our Health & Awareness centre and other Pvt/Govt. Hospitals periodically as per factory ACT 1947.
  10. The entire eligible workmen are cared for under Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) and get regular treatment and other benefits of ESIC.
  11. Public Liability Insurance: We have taken public liability insurance for compensation payable to people who suffer in case of any accidental incident.

Air Emissions:

The sulphuric acid plant runs with DCDA (Double Conversion, Double absorption) process considered as the most sophisticated process around the world. The plant is equipped with highly percussive online monitoring facilities as well as a modernized control room. The plant has been designed to be environmentally friendly by choosing high-efficiency parameters, online monitoring and alkali scrubbing system, high-efficiency candle filters, demister pad to ensure emission level within a limit, safety, and environmental compatibility in a country where environmental safety is highly prized. The plant was erected and commissioned by one of the pioneer designer M/s Dhararniee Murarjee Company (DMCC).

Our Single Super Phosphate plant (SSP) has also been designed by DMCC and Use of high-grade rock phosphate from Egypt. Jordan and Udaipur to ensure higher productivity, conversion efficiency, and trouble-free process. Five stage scrubbers in the plant remove SPM and fluorine level in the emission and ensure the pollutant level within range. An online monitoring system has also been installed to SSP plant for making keen watch on the pollutant level and connected with CPCB & WBPCB servers.

Security Policy

TAIL deployed a motivated security Guard Officer which has a professional approach towards the delivery of dedicated service round the clock. They have full access to control Fire and other operational accidents in the factory. We have installed Fire Alarm, Intruder Alarm, and CCTV in the entire in & out premises of the factory and residential colonies of the employees.
Our security team has been able to eliminate losses caused by burglary, arson, vandalism, fire, carelessness, and negligence.
The vigil of our security team ensures that the gate, entrance, exits, reception area, floors, perimeters, parking areas, traffic control, and all other vulnerable spots are guarded meticulously.
Our security team is very much capable of handling any accidental incident in the plant & colony.

Distributed Medicines and Walking Sticks to Old Age Homes Residents

Social & Welfare activities at Teesta Agro Industries, Jalpaiguri West Bengal Unit during the year 2019 and 2020.

Distributed Walking Sticks, food, vitamins & various medicines to the residents of various old age homes.

Gifted 500 Sewing Machines

Social & Welfare activities at Teesta Agro Industries, Jalpaiguri West Bengal Unit during the year 2019.
Gifted 500 Sewing Machines to needy & poor women of nearby locality for self-employment on 12/11/2019, in presence of District Magistrate Jalpaiguri, MLA Rajganj, and other Government Officials of the District.

Health Awareness Centre

Social & Welfare activities at Teesta Agro Industries, Jalpaiguri West Bengal Unit during the year 2019 and 2020.
One Health Awareness centre is in operation for the local people with nominal charges.

Distributed free Rations to needy during Covid-19 Pandemic

Social & Welfare activities at Teesta Agro Industries, Jalpaiguri West Bengal Unit during the year 2019 and 2020.
Distributed free rations to the needy people of the area during the Covid-19 Lockdown Period.