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Nitrogen, Phosphorus

& Potassium Fertilizer (NPK)

Enhancing Soil Health: Our NPK Grade Fertilizer Plant

Our NPK Grade fertilizer plant stands as a vital contributor to agriculture, producing a mix of granules that deliver three primary nutrients – Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium – in specific ratios. With a keen focus on local soil nutritional requirements, our current production range includes 15:15:15, 12:12:12, and 20:20:0 compositions, catering to diverse agricultural needs.

Key Points

Tailored Nutrient Mix

At the heart of our NPK Fertilizer lies a precisely engineered physical mixer, combining readily available fertilizers like DAP, MOP, UREA, and SSP in precise proportions. This blending process ensures that the final product contains the optimal percentage of N, P, and K, providing crops with the essential nutrients they require for healthy growth.


Diverse NPK Compositions

Our production line boasts three distinct NPK formulations, namely 12:12:12, 15:15:15, and 20:20:0. These carefully balanced mixes offer versatility to cater to a wide array of crops and soil types, meeting the specific demands of local farmers and agricultural practices.


Annual Capacity

With a dedicated focus on serving the agricultural community, our NPK fertilizer plant maintains an impressive annual production capacity of 33,000 MT. This substantial output ensures a stable supply of premium-quality NPK fertilizers to support farming endeavours throughout the region.


Commitment to Agriculture

Our mission revolves around enhancing soil health and optimising crop yields. By producing tailored NPK fertilizers, we address the distinct nutritional requirements of diverse soils, allowing farmers to achieve their agricultural goals sustainably and effectively.



At our NPK Grade fertilizer plant, we take great pride in our role as a reliable partner in agriculture. Through the meticulous blending of key nutrients and the production of varied NPK compositions, we empower farmers to cultivate thriving crops and enrich the fertility of their lands. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we continue to contribute to the growth of sustainable agriculture and the prosperity of farming communities.