SSP (Single Super Phosphate) PLANT
Single Super Phosphate plant which has also been designed by DMCC, presently has capacity to produce 1,65,000 MT/ annum. Use of high grade of Rock Phosphate from Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in SSP unit ensures higher productivity conversion efficiency and trouble free process. The process design of the plant involving five stage water scrubbing system of the gas, use of recycled water in the process has made it a very eco friendly plant. We have some highly dedicated and experienced peoples involved in this plant. We have the longest shed in the eastern region for curing the green SSP to achieve highest conversion efficiency and also we have largest godown for storing finished product.



The sulphuric acid plant runs with DCDA (Double Conversion Double Absorption) process, considered as the most sophisticated process around the world. The plant is equipped with a highly precisive on line monitoring facilities as well as modernized control room. The plant has been designed to be environmental friendly by choosing high efficiency process parameters, on line gas monitoring and alkali scrubbing system, high efficiency candle filters and demister pads to ensure safety and environmental compatibility in a country where environmental safety is highly prized. The plant was erected and commissioned by one of the pioneer designer Ms Dharamjee Morarjee Construction Company (DMCC) plant and a power plant of one MW has also been erected and commissioned by making use of waste steam generated from the process (Non conventional source of energy). Acid storage capacity of 4000 MT and Sulphur Storage Capacity of 10,000 MT within the Acid Plant area are some of the redeeming futures of this plant.




N.P.K. (Granulated Fertilizer) Plant
Our N.P.K. Grade fertilizer plant produces mixer granules of three primary nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium in a certain ratio. The present production range is confined to products like 15:15:15, 12:12:12 and 20:20:0, looking at the nutritional requirements of local soil. Our N.P.K.Fertilizer is a physical mixer of readily available fertilizer like DAP, MOP, UREA, and SSP in certain proportion to achieve the required percentage of N.P.and K. We are producing three types of N.P.K. i.e 12:12:12, 15:15:15, 20:20:0 and the capacity of the plant is 33,000 MT /annum.